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How to use raw materials to achieve a good sealing effect

How to use raw materials to achieve a good sealing effect

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When installing water pipes at home, some people go to the raw material belt manufacturers to buy raw materials without paying attention, they just buy them back and use them. When they are installed, they find that the raw materials they buy are whiter and crisper than others. When it is used horizontally, it is easy to crack, and the lateral force used by others can be pulled long and cracked. Many people will worry about whether it is unqualified.

In fact, the raw material belt manufacturers tell us that there are many types of raw material belts, only how many, good points are not good or bad. The good raw materials are somewhat transparent and tough. The raw materials are white and brittle. Some people I like to use that. In addition, the raw material belt manufacturers introduce the sealing effect is mainly related to the method of entanglement of raw materials, generally do not entangle too much when entangled raw materials, to ensure that the faucet can be turned up, to ensure that it is not loose, in 5-10 Around the circle.

In addition, the raw material belt manufacturer reminds that when the raw material belt is used, the pipeline should be cleaned in advance, and the presence of dirt cannot be present. The raw material belt should be wound along the thread when it is wound. The above is the introduction of the relevant problems in the use of the raw material belt shared by the raw material belt manufacturers. I hope that everyone can help.

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